Proust Marcel – From Swann’s Side – In Search of Lost Time 1


Proust Marcel – On the Side of Swann’s Home – In Search of Lost Time Volume 1): Long time, I went to bed early … so begins “Cambray” the first part of “On the side of Swann”, the beginning of “In Search of Lost Time”. Proust invites us into the memories of the hero, the places of his childhood, the times of his life, his bedrooms. To these conscious memories will emerge, in the “scene of the Madeleine”, subconscious memories, whole swathes of memories. Cambray is a portrait of the family life of the narrator, his servants and the inhabitants, giving rise to paintings of characters full of humor. Then “A Swann’s Love”, a “novel in the novel”, is the occasion of a return in the life of Charles Swann. His meeting with the Verdurins who will be his wife, Odette, and especially his sickly jealousy are the themes of this party. The third part, “Country names: the name” evokes the reveries of the narrator, his travel desires, he to whom the disease prohibited until a trip to the theater. It is therefore through the train schedules that he sees Balbec and especially Venice. In the disappointment of the confrontation with reality, the dream reintroduces the enchanted landscape to make them live up to the expectations of the narrator. The Proustian work becomes more aesthetic than a pure novel. (source: Wikipedia)

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