Most asked questions

Most asked questions

I tried to answer these questions publicly for the understanding of all.
1) What are the steps to get one of your services?

R: It’s simple and easy, just make a quote request by clicking on this link. Once I have received your request, I will send you your quote within 48 hours minimum. After you have received it and accepted it. You will sign the service contact, which will be in two copies, one for me and the other for you. Then you have to pay 60% of the service fee, once the project is finished, and you are satisfied, then you have to pay the 40% service fee.

2) What is the exact price of a website?

R: Normally a website can range from € 200 to € 2,000,000. Please note there are 8 types of website.
1 – Showcase website
2 – Catalog site
3 – Informative site
4 – Commercial site or E-commerce
5 – Institutional website
6 – The Intranet
7- Mini-site – Contests games – events
8- Web Application

To find out the exact price of your website, fill out this form to find out more about your purpose and needs. After analyzing it, I will tell you the exact price of your website.

3) I saw your work , I am satisfied with your services, I would like to obtain one of your services, but I do not know you and I am not in your country, what should I do?

R: If you want to have one of my services and you are not in my country and you do not know me, you can make an appointment with me to see me by clicking here. I am used to work remotely via telecommuting, videoconferencing, ect …
The signature of the contract will be by email. The documents I will need such as: images, texts will be sent by email. You can pay the fees using PayPal or Western Union.

4) If you have created a website for my company, I can remove the text: designed by Steven Kendy PIERRE on the website?

R: Yes you have the right to withdraw this text. I respect the privacy of my clients , many websites that I have created do not show up on my website, this decision is up to the customer.

5) For the creation of your websites, what are the software that you use to make them?

R: For the creation of my websites I use the most reliable and safest software in the world such as:

A) For the e-commerce website, I use: “prestashop", “collabtive", “Openbiblio", “OpenCart", “Group_Office" “Woo-commerce Magento" “OS Commerce"  “Zen Cart integration" “Magento", ect.

B) For websites showcases, I use: “wordpress", “joomla", “Dupral", “phpmyFAO", “Doctclear", “moodle", “Omeka", “xoops", “PHP-fusion", ect.

6) When you have finished creating my website, will I be able to feed it?

R: yes, once your website is finished, you will have the option to add and delete publications. You will have access to tutorials and the administrator account if you want to change webmaster.

7) I want to create a website for my company, I am afraid to finance this amount of money since I do not know you.

R: I always respect my commitments, one of the reasons that I do not receive money until you sign the project contract, I use my real name for the professional activities, I post my photos on my website, you have the right to call me on video call. If ever, it goes wrong, you will have evidence to sue me for theft. Then, the receipts of your payments will be sent on your email as proof that I received your money.

8) I already have a website that works very well but I would like to improve its appearance by making it more professional and Dynamic, will I lose my content on the site?

R: no, you will not lose your content if you want to improve it even if you want to migrate to another software. All your contents will be saved. Then transfer to your new website without any difficulty.

9) I need to create a website quickly, how many days can it take?

R: creating a website can last from 3 to 180 days depending on the features and design you want to have.

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