Dickens et al., Charles – The Haunted House, Christmas Tales


Dickens et al., Charles – The Haunted House, Christmas Tales: When six authors (Charles Dickens, Wilkie Collins, George Augustus Sala, Elizabeth Gaskell, Hesba Shelton and Adelaide Procter) decide to write a novel with several hands, he is the result of Christmas tales with the scent of ghost stories: the narrator, John, takes us into the world of the English countryside. He must rest there for some time for health reasons and chooses, on the advice of friends, a house “well in all respects”. This is not necessarily the opinion of the people of the village who consider it rather like a haunted house!

The house does not look and, at first glance, has many flaws. John nevertheless decides to settle there, sweeping the superstitions. With his sister, they try, unsuccessfully, to accommodate the staff on the spot that they end up returning to the great relief of the latter. They invite some friends who do not believe in ghosts for the Christmas holidays and that an original experience tries a lot! At the end of these few days, everyone will deliver a part of themselves in the form of stories mixing fiction with personal reality. Each of these stories is a little tale all by itself in which the hidden senses invite us to a little introspection on our fears and on the mystery of our imagination. This book falls well in this Christmas time, huddled in a sofa by the fire, accompanied by these typical sweets.

Sold By: Steven Kendy PIERRE