Robida Albert – The Clock of the Centuries


Robida Albert – The Clock of the Centuries:

In the midst of the social and industrial revolution of the late nineteenth century, a cataclysm is shaking the planet. The Clock of the centuries is broken, the time stops and goes back: “The world goes back to time”.

Survivors of the “Great Scare” now go back in time, rejuvenate, find their ancestors as if by magic, trying to forget their faults and their misfortunes. Some find their account, such as this couple in divorce who finds the love that united them in their youth. Others are less fortunate, such as this man who made his fortune and finds himself poor as in his early years, but all seek to find an understanding in this mix of generations and these brutal changes of situations, avoiding errors of their own. past.

Some inevitable improbabilities to this literary genre do not prevent from savoring fantastic anecdotes and voluptuous lyrical and satirical flights. It is also a sharp and visionary criticism of a society that always aims for progress, innovation, enrichment, speed, with the corollaries of pollution and overpopulation, the impoverishment of soils. In the background, it is also an invitation to live more serenely, to avoid wars, political crises and intergenerational conflicts.

Albert Robida was born in 1848 and died in 1926, he is at the same time illustrator, caricaturist, journalist and novelist. His visionary work appears to Jules Verne, she announced that of Philippe K. Dick and Wells. He has illustrated his many books (about 200) and participated in 70 press reviews. An author a little forgotten to rediscover …

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