Ramuz Charles Ferdinand – Aline


Ramuz Charles Ferdinand – Aline: Aline is a young peasant who lives alone with her mother. One summer evening, she meets Julien, the seducer of the village. They make an appointment the next evening, then the day after tomorrow, then again, until the mother suspects something and forbids Aline to go out. Love will defy all taboos, but the more Aline falls in love with Julien, the more this one escapes. Until the drama. Aline is one of the most famous novels of Ramuz, the first who revealed it to the general public. Charles Ferdinand Ramuz was born in 1878 in Lausanne, Switzerland. After studying literature in Lausanne, he left for Paris, where he stayed regularly until 1914, while participating in the literary life of the French-speaking world. Throughout his many novels, he develops a new language closer to spoken language, abandoning the linear narration and introducing the “on” as the expression of a community. He died in 1947 in Pully, near Lausanne.
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