Malot Hector – The Girl of the Actress


Malot Hector – The Girl of the Actress: When the Marquis Arthur of Rudemont agrees to see the actress Emma Lajolais, a former mistress who lives her last hours, he does not expect to discover that he is the father of a young girl. For if he had spent part of his life in Paris, in worldly pleasures, he now runs peaceful days in the company of an aunt, an uncle and a dedicated staff in his family castle in Normandy .

Emma begs him to go and get his daughter Denise in the convent where she is placed and take care of her. So that Denise can perfect her education, the Marquis then hires a teacher, Clemence Beaujonnier. But on his way to the castle, he realizes that the arrival of these two young women is not going to make the happiness of the inhabitants, in particular, that of Arthème de Carquebut and his sister Mme Mérault that he collected there is ten years old. Yet, over time, he attaches more and more to Denise. But is she really his daughter? From then on, Arthur’s blind goodness will come up against a part of his entourage, notably Clemence Beaujonnier, the teacher, and Artheme de Carquebut: conspiracies, manipulations and deceptions will have only one goal, that of seize the marquis’s legacy. Will they succeed? The plot will continue in the second part of this novel entitled The Legacy of Arthur.

Sold By: Steven Kendy PIERRE