Christophe – The Fenouillard Family (3rd part)


Christophe – The Fenouillard Family (3rd part), Victims of duty:

“A story as truthful as it is plausible of the journeys of the Fenouillard Family, where it will be seen how, after several governmental and intestine crises, Mr. Fenouillard successively lost many hats, but kept his umbrella. – A book intended to give the French youth a taste for traveling. ”

In this third part, we will observe the family Fenouillard wonder about the modernity of Japan and Mr. Fenouillard to challenge the Mikado. Then, unfortunate chef de cuisine, he will be disembarked with his family on an island not so deserted as that. King of the Papuans, he will continue his journey back and we will postpone family peregrinations from country to country until the apotheosis of their return to Saint-Remy-sur-Deule. M. Fenouillard’s costumes change but the umbrella remains.

Sold By: Steven Kendy PIERRE