Bove Emmanuel – The Impossible Love


Bove Emmanuel – The Impossible Love: Florent chose painting despite his mother who dreamed for him of a career in diplomacy. In front of the Woman in the Gant, at the Luxembourg Museum, he meets Danièle who leaves him dazzled. He does not sleep at night. But Danièle, who is not long in loving him, is the wealthy heiress of a respectable family and promised to a count much older than her. And Florent, although he is predicting a promising career, does not know his father, nor really the social position of his mother whose “discrepancies” can be suspected. Danièle’s parents will do their utmost to prevent this union, even the most shameless ruses.

In this novel with many twists and turns, Bove attacks a sclerotic and hypocritical society whose morality and hypocritical propriety obscure prejudice and the subjugation to the power of money. In 1932, the movements that led to the war and authoritarian regimes are in full ferment. Published in a series in 1935 in Ce Soir, L’impossible Amour, written in a stripped-down style, reads like a serial novel and one is taken of affection for this innocent couple just as one laughs during this intrigue hilarious.

Sold By: Steven Kendy PIERRE
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