Bove Emmanuel – A Fugue


Emmanuel Bove – A Fugue: Assolant Louise is a 17 year old girl, candid and determined in his quest for love; she receives little tenderness from her parents, who consider her a problematic girl and forsake her. To draw attention to her, Louise fugue and invent all kinds of fabrications to a slightly fat lawyer, who nevertheless taken seriously and will help to find her through her intuition. With Emmanuel Bove, “the fugue appears as a wandering [… in which] the character can only seize himself in the solitude of the mirror-room […] Based on the wandering, the spatial behaviors of the Bovian characters obey a rudimentary geometry [… where] the turn, first, literally means the alienation of the character, since it marks the return to the starting point. »(Clément Frœlicher.)

This very short and intense text, which is close to a new one, is constructed as a psychological account with suspense. The author has a very emotional and empathetic approach to his heroine, unlike other texts where he keeps his distance to describe the often desperate characters. “One of the most generous and moving texts of Bove. (Raymond Cousse)

Prolific writer, revealed by Colette, Emmanuel Bove was successful in his lifetime, before falling into oblivion, and to be rediscovered by Peter Handke in the 1980s. He was born in 1898 in Paris, but made a part of his studies at Calvin College in Geneva, then lived in Vienna and again in Paris, where he died in 1945.

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