Sand George – Cora


Sand George – Cora: “Georges is a candid young man who comes back from Bourbon Island and is not very familiar with the customs of the small towns of French Province. He found work in the postal administration. However, soon he is admitted into society and he meets at the ball a beautiful girl named Cora whom he falls madly in love. But Cora does not respond to his love.

In this short novel, George Sand gives a satire to the life of a small provincial town and its ridiculous. She puts herself in the skin of the narrator and sets up a dreamy romantic young woman, who is also called George, “of a flammable and contemplative nature”, who exalts himself for the girl of a grocer and nourishes his love of his readings and ideas in fashion. “We discover an alert pen, quite naughty to the provincial mores and full of irony towards the love affair … especially when it comes to fun at the expense of the young man while practicing self-mockery … Sand makes evidence of a rather disillusioned knowledge of human nature and the end of the novel is pessimistic. If the young man has suffered much, the married woman and mother does not get any better. Painting the condition of women in the province in the nineteenth century is not enviable! “(Claudialucia, My Bookstore, 23.10.2012.)

Sold By: Steven Kendy PIERRE