Doyle Arthur Conan – The Last Adventures of Sherlock Holmes


Doyle Arthur Conan – The Last Adventures of Sherlock Holmes:

Consisting of twelve news items (The Illustrious Customer, The Discolored Soldier, The Yellow Diamond, The Death’s Vengeance, The Vampire, The Three Garrideb, The Mystery of Thor’s Bridge, The Man Who Crawls, The Mane of the Lion. veiled, Le Chatelain de Shoscombe, The old merchant of color) published in English between 1821 and 1827. “Twelve stories, much less dark than the previous collections. Some even bring a certain sweetness, a dose of lightness rather disconcerting. As the title of collection suggests, the chronicles follow each other without any real logic. Throughout the pages, we learn that the thread is a mysterious briefcase that includes stories that would ensure the happiness of followers of the mysterious detective. … This collection is one of the best to discover (or rediscover) the adventures of the famous detective. This one is surprising, because its dark side is barely evoked or transparent on certain occasions (even Watson is less manhandled than usual), he becomes almost a white knight … almost! »(Davalian, Babelio)

“Debates have been raised about an alleged decline in the adventures of Sherlock Holmes or Watson’s storytelling qualities. The melody can be infinitely varied, but if you play the same chords too much, the music becomes monotonous. The mind of the reader is less fresh, less receptive, so that he is tempted to incriminate the talent of the author. […] I remain hopeful that anyone who reads my series will get an impression in all respects similar to his neighbor who will have found it in chronological order “(Arthur Conon Doyle)

Proposed here in the translation of Louis Labat of 1928. Reissued a few years later in a new translation under the title of “The Archives of Sherlock Holmes”

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