Stevenson Robert-Louis – Treasure Island


Stevenson Robert-Louis – Treasure Island: Who among us, child, dreamed of discovering a treasure buried in a desert island? Children’s dreams are full of adventures of long-haul sailors, menacing pirates, disturbing islands and chests full of gold coins.

Jim Hawkins, an innkeeper’s son on the west coast of England in the 18th century, however, imagined nothing like welcoming a character at least disturbing in his father’s inn: Captain Billy Bones. Alcoholic inveterate, rude and dreaded by all, he squats the inn and terrorizes his world while being himself panicked by … a black spot. But what happens in the inn a sailor nicknamed Black Dog? And a blind man named Pew? These visits will be fatal for the captain who, before dying, confides to Jim that one looks for his map, the map of an island and a treasure. An expedition committee including Dr. Livesey, Knight Trelawney is constituted to try to find the island and the famous treasure. Jim and his mother provide the map, found in the captain’s room. The young Jim is from the expedition, he who has never traveled! The crew will be recruited by the knight and the expedition embarked at Bristol. But, on the outskirts of the island, a secret mutiny is organized between the sailors … The epilogue will live up to our famous childhood dreams. Just before you dive into this story to know that the trunk was full and that the schooner has returned to Bristol!

Sold By: Steven Kendy PIERRE