Trollope Anthony – The Belton Estate


Trollope Anthony – The Belton Estate: Clara Amadroz, although a daughter of a chatelain, is threatened with poverty because her father’s castle must return to her cousin Will Benton, a rich farmer in Norfolk. The latter offers to Clara to marry him but, even if she finds him many qualities, she prefers him to the captain Frédéric Aylmer, a distinguished man, a member of Parliament and all willing also to ask him his hand. Finally, Clara accepts and then discovers the coldness of her future husband … And she meets her mother! Lady Aylmer tyrannizes his entourage and intends to submit his future daughter-in-law. But Clara is a young person with a strong character and does not intend to let herself be …

This text seduces by the fine analysis of the characters, by the moral questions that it raises but also by its humor “so British”.

Anthony Trollope (London, April 24, 1815 – London, December 6, 1882) is one of the most famous British novelists of the Victorian era. Among Trollope’s writings are the Barsetshire Chronicles, which revolve around the imaginary County of Barsetshire, and novels on political, social, and sentimental topics, and also on the conflicts of his time. Alec Guinness, John Major, economist John Kenneth Galbraith, writers Sue Grafton and Harding Lemay can be counted among his admirers. (Wikipedia source.)

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