Rod Édouard – The Fall of Miss Topsy


Rod Édouard – The Fall of Miss Topsy: Fremy and Pellard are both employees of the Ministry of the Interior in Paris. Pellard, a cheerful luron, is a poet at his hours, hoping to see his work presented at the Comédie Française. The other is melancholy and reserved, skeptical about love after an unhappy story. Despite their differences, they become friends and confidants; they run to the suburbs and share their hobbies. One evening, Pellard coaches Frémy at the Cirque d’été. The poster announces the debut of Miss Topsy, a rider. Fremy is touched by his grace and bravery. He goes back to see her the next day and then the day after tomorrow. He ventures to talk to him, despite his fear of being disappointed. They discover common points, shared feelings. But Fremy hesitates to commit. The accident of horse which Topsy is victim will he be right of his doubts?

Édouard Rod, born in 1857 in Ropraz, is a Vaudois writer, established in Paris in 1879. A renowned critic, he first wrote “naturalistic” novels in the manner of Émile Zola and then released himself from this influence. attaches to presenting cases of conscience, moral dilemmas. He died in Grasse in 1910. This short novel written at the age of 25 is marked by disillusionment, reflecting the feeling of inadequacy felt by the writer Vaudois in the literary milieu of Paris.

Sold By: Steven Kendy PIERRE