Epuy Michel – The Secret of the Black Trunk


Epuy Michel – The Secret of the Black Trunk: In the crush of the local customs at the arrival of the Calais train, a mother and her daughter … and their luggage, mountains of luggage! But now a big black trunk catches the attention of a customs officer. Why does the girl show such reluctance to his inspection? Stubborn, the customs officer persists! And he is right because, the open trunk, will reveal …

Thus begins, for the young detective who attended the scene, an investigation that will lead, between Paris and England, false pretenses in assumptions that collapse, on the trail of an unexpected criminal .

A detective novel with many twists and turns whose falsely distanced writing does not prevent the reader from getting caught up in the game and accompanying the detective in his search for surprising adventures.

Michel Epuy (his real name Louis Vaury 1876-1943) is a Swiss writer and translator. Author of about twenty titles and some thirty-five others in translation, in turn novelist, storyteller, author of crime novels, writer for the youth and publisher of anthologies or volumes of selected works, such as those of Kipling he is qualified by J.-H. Rosny senior in a eulogistic preface, novelist of great talent, painter of manners, essayist admired.

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