Dumas Alexandre – An Artist’s Life


Dumas Alexandre – A Life of Artist: He dreams boards, theater and circus! But not his father … Besides, the father, a customs officer, enrolled him in drawing classes and wanted him to be a sculptor. Because the son is gifted with a nice chisel … He goes to Paris, officially to become a sculptor at the Madeleine, but he meets a traveling troupe … The North of France is tough for actors and misery as the cold finally make him fail again on the threshold of the paternal house. Returning to Paris, he gets some roles, without great remuneration … He then embarks for the West Indies with the troop of Victor Morest! But the revolution of 1848 breaks out …

This fictionalized biography of Alexandre Dumas is inspired by the life of the French actor and sculptor, Etienne Marin Mélingue, and traces his beginnings, which were sometimes difficult, to success … At the theater?

Sold By: Steven Kendy PIERRE