Doyle Arthur Conan – The Brown Hand


Doyle Arthur Conan – The Brown Hand: Seven stories translated by Louis Labat in the 1912 edition (The Brown Hand, Withdrawn from Business, The Black Doctor, The Strange Colleague, The Sealed House, A Night Tour, Jelland’s Journey , The Haunted Island and The Cat of Brazil, published under the original title of The Story of the Brown Hand (1998), The Story of the Club-Footed Grocer (1899), The Story of the Black Doctor (1998), The Story of the Latin Tutor (1899), The Story of the Sealed Room (1998), The Story of B24 (1899), Jelland’s Voyage (1892), The Fiend of the Cooperage (1897) and The Story of the Brazilian Cat (1998) ), mainly in The Strand Magazine) in which you will not see Sherlock Holmes or Dr. Watson.

Revenants or mystery, subtle or grotesque murders, in these seven stories crime and death rub shoulders with the unknown and the fantastic. Often the inexplicable finds a rational end but the heroes – and the reader – find in the action only fog and misunderstanding. The denouement illuminates them not without having fallen beforehand in all the traps which were stretched to them. “Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was a great master of detective literature. Even though the famous characters Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson are absent, each story is really well written, with lots of mysteries and twists. (Luc-Antoine

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