Danuser Jean-Louis and Marie-Claire – Living with a repaired Heart


Danuser Jean-Louis and Marie-Claire – Living with a repaired heart: Everything smiled on Jean-Louis: a family, a rewarding job, travels … And then … the loss of all his possessions, a divorce, and sudden infarction !

How to relive with a necrotic heart of a good third? First inoperable, Jean-Louis will find, after two years, a surgeon who succeeds in the operation essential to his survival. From then on, he begins a new life: new activities, joys, fulfillment and remarriage, all this despite fires, alerts, obstacles and illness. Her recipe: do not fear optimism, laughter, activities, travel and life when you take it on the right side … despite the “Camarde” always in ambush.

And Jean-Louis, of the country of Ajoie, in the canton of Jura, emigrates with Marie-Claire, the mountainous valaisanne, in the South of France, a climate favorable to his heart. Then, together, they discover, amazed, Martinique, this island paradise. They live intensely, under an eternal sun, sometimes in the South, sometimes in the West Indies, to meet different cultures, in spite of a “repaired” heart, tired, exhausted, according to doctors, but tenacious! Recipe? To you, reader, to discover it!

Sold By: Steven Kendy PIERRE