Bove Emmanuel – Memoirs of a singular man


Bove Emmanuel – Memoirs of a singular man: Son of a poor girl abused by a soldier, the narrator asks himself, at age forty, about his life and destiny: “I beg you, my God, to give me a purpose in life. “Singular, he claims his otherness even to force the line, make a grimacing mask or walk on foot.

Completed in 1939 and marked by the prospect of war, this biographical novel, even autobiographical, is “the closest [Emmanuel Bove] and this is what gives it a poignant accent, […] In this “Unenclosed” [from the psychology of the hero, I see] a charm and an essential character of the book “. (Marcel Arland, letter to Emmanuel Bove) Banality and mediocrity, poverty, quiet misfortune are omnipresent, but Bove surpasses this monotony by erecting it in innovative writing style, which has made several critics say that was a forerunner of the “New Roman”.

Prolific writer, revealed by Colette, Emmanuel Bove was successful in his lifetime, before falling into oblivion, and to be rediscovered by Peter Handke in the 1980s. He was born in 1898 in Paris, but made a part of his studies at Calvin College in Geneva, then lived in Vienna and again in Paris, where he died in 1945.

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