Bove Emmanuel – Henri Duchemin and his shadows


Bove Emmanuel – Henri Duchemin and his shadows: And if you were offered wealth at the cost of an anonymous crime? How should it be to have a friend, a benefactor? A friend and his partner do not get along any more: do you really have to get involved? You have seen your friend kiss another man: but if everyone tells you that you dreamed? Madness, is it breaking without reason with all his relatives? How to visit his family that we have not seen for decades? Should you forgive your partner if she spends the night away from home?

In the work of Emmanuel Bove “we are struck by a desperate and hopeless vision of existence. Man appears as a worn and disjointed puppet that takes human form only by moving absurdly. He struggles but never manages to free himself from his sons who are both sources of life and causes of suffering. If there is a constant in Bove, it is the refusal of reality that is only a permanent disappointment, the annihilation of all hopes and all possibilities. But man is stubborn and infallibly longs for what he can not be. (Elizabeth Poulet, The Resource Review)

Sold By: Steven Kendy PIERRE