Boiteau Paul – The Adventures of Baron Trenck


Boiteau Paul – The Adventures of Baron Trenck (from his memoirs): Favorite! Frederick II, the King of Prussia could no longer do without the young Frederick, baron of Trenck, barely twenty years old. His intellectual qualities and his memory and his military prowess introduced him into all circles of the court, and in the daily life of the king, he met Voltaire and the group of invited philosophers of Frederick II. In the field, he was his aide-de-camp and the recipient of all the attention. But the favor of a king has only a time. Must we accuse the cabals of envy or its affair with Anne Amelie of Prussia, Frederick II’s own sister? Convinced of treason, he was locked in the fortress of Glatz. Escaped, taken refuge in Moscow where he seduced a princess, then in Vienna to collect the succession of a cousin, he remained pursued by the fury of Frederick II who finally managed to capture him. Imprisoned again, he remained 10 years under the chains in a cell of the fortress of the Star in Magdeburg. Freed, he wrote his memoirs, which enjoyed immense success in Europe and America. A supporter of the French Revolution, he went to Paris. Arrested as a spy, he was guillotined in 1794, in the last hours of the Terror. Several films take up the adventures of his life as well as a series, The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron von Trenck, broadcast in France in 1973.

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