Sand George – Black Valley


Sand George – The Black Valley, Visions of the Night in Campaigns: The Black Valley, as the baptize George Sand, is the region of Nohant and La Chatre in the Berry. This country, protected and green, surrounded by plateaus and inhabited by peasants freed from the tutelage of the nobles, well before the revolution, by the desertion of the domains, is his paradise. She describes the wisdom of these small landowners and their language both precise and pictorial and compares them to the peasantry of Brie, who works in large farms still feudal. The double ancestry, aristocratic and popular, of George Sand makes him appreciate this country of his paternal grandmother and this simple-mannered peasantry which she will describe in several novels.

Visions of the Night in the Campaigns, George Sand, never lived there. But that’s no reason to despise them as foolish superstitions. Certainly, the tales and legends narrated in the Eve, predispose children as adults to believe in the fantastic. Wolfmen, secret, fantastic hunt or berry hunting in the Berry, grand’bête, washerwomen’s beaters in the isolated pools of night, cocadrille, legend of the Elm-Rake, which enumerates and describes George Sand, may have natural causes, be misunderstandings caused by anxiety, but it reminds us that the peasants are well able to discriminate the origins of noise and manifestations of nature.

Sold By: Steven Kendy PIERRE