Sue Eugene – Arthur (Volume 2)


Sue Eugene – Arthur (Volume 2): After his last break, Arthur, desperate, accepted the invitation of Lord Falmouth. They leave to help the Greek patriots. In the course of trouble with pirates they save each other’s lives, but, again, Arthur abruptly puts an end to this friendship. Disappointed with Western social relations, they settled in Chios with a harem. Then, again, he falls in love … for his misfortune! With Mary, will he finally get out of his destructive scenario? Unless fate catches him in a small village in Occitania?

With Lautréamont (1937), Arthur marks a turning point in the work of Eugène Sue. He goes from the adventure novel, especially maritime, to novels of manners. He will soon tackle the social question in his major works, The Mysteries of Paris and The Wandering Jew.

Sold By: Steven Kendy PIERRE