Bove Emmanuel – The Death of Dinah


Bove Emmanuel – The Death of Dinah: Dinah will die! The title does not leave any doubt. At thirteen, she has tuberculosis. A stay in Leysin could save her but … As a last resort, her mother, penniless, speaks to her neighbor, Jean Michelez. Small bourgeois, entrepreneur who succeeds, this one will be moved by Dinah.

But locked in a defensive system built on betrayals, disappointments and bitterness, he can not consider the financial assistance sought. “Me, every time I rendered a service to someone, what happened! We made fun of me. Without recognition, I was not even thanked. Today, I am forty-seven years old. If I look back, I can not find a day of happiness. If I have a situation, it’s thanks to my father. Without him, what would I be? Who would have extended my hand? Nobody, nobody. In spite of everything, “one point embarrassed, whatever he did not to see him, the conscience of Jean Michelez”.

Finally Dinah will die of the pettiness of all: that of Jean and his wife, the owner of the pavilion who does not hesitate to try to take advantage of the situation, the inconsistency of an uncle who squandered his money to play .

“This short novel manages to move us while remaining perfectly honest. As always, Emmanuel Bove manages to talk about intimacy and misery in a short and unadorned language, aiming at a sort of transparency that the uninitiated reader may appear insipid and neutral even though it is very much about reverse. Always quick to point out the false pretenses and the mediocrity of men, Bove never allows himself the ease and traces at the dry point of psychologies quite precise and credible. (Barda, Free Reviews Com, 19.04.2005)

Sold By: Steven Kendy PIERRE