Rosny elder, J.-H. – The instincts


Rosny elder, J.-H. – The instincts, novel of three women: Three women, Nicole, Magali and Maya, love and are loved in return by the same man: Nicole, the wild and sensual woman, Magali her young and pure little sister and Maya the beneficial sorcerer . Three women, three aspects of The Woman? No, we are not here in a romance with rose water, but in a powerful text where Rosny delivers all his art of naturalistic and historical novel.

At first the reader can imagine himself in a country that does not exist or more, wild and raw (in the style of the Fire War), then gradually poured into the reality of modern civilization, the city and of wealth and all in the end we return to nature and its beneficent magic.

The Instinct, a key word, frequently used by Rosny in all his books, the instinct that governs the relationship between men, between man and woman, between man and nature.

This novel, the last published during the lifetime of J.-H. Rosny Elder, seems to mix past, present and future, and can be read easily with a very contemporary look at the couple, the differences, the protection of nature, the return to the sources.

Sold By: Steven Kendy PIERRE