DES LEADERS DU PRÉSENT | Leaders of the présent ( English)


“DES LEADERS DU PRÉSENT|Leaders of the présent ” is a book review of the Third Youth Government of Haiti (February 2015-February 2017). This book is produced with the participation of seven (7) former young ministers of the youth government under the leadership of the former Young President of the Republic of Haiti, Amos CINCIR, and his former young Prime Minister, Nathanael NOËL. You will discover the portraits of the members and former Young Presidents; interventions, actions, political positions, including the Young President of Haiti calling the President Michel Joseph Martelly to reason (January 2016) and the proposals of the Youth Government made to President Jovenel MOÏSE just some days before his delivery of oath in January 2017.

You will also have the pleasure to read reading testimonies of Haitian personalities on this useful and praiseworthy, symbolic initiative, which allowed these young people to experience the practices of a government, as a kind of internship in order to take over the future… and especially by making a difference in displaying effective and pragmatic leadership. After reading this book review of the Third Youth Government of Haiti, you will realize without effort that their mandate was success; a mandate yet accomplished without any budget or adequate economic support. “DES LEADERS DU PRÉSENT|Leaders of the présent “ is in fact a significant contemporary historical work and a valuable tool for researchers and students. Moreover, this book is dedicated to the implementation of a national project: the creation of a specialized Center against Cardiovascular Diseases in Port-au-Prince (high blood pressure, stroke, heart failure, diabetes, etc.)

– Joël LORQUET [Guardian of Youth]

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