Trollope Anthony – Henry Cousin


Trollope Anthony – Cousin Henry: Indefer John hesitates: should he bequeath his estate of Llandfeare to his favorite niece who lives with him or, following the custom, to his closest male relative, his nephew Henry John, that he do not know ? The old man looks rather for the latter option. He decides to invite Henry to get to know the estate and its farmers. Then he decides to leave the estate to him. From the outset, the farmers are fighting against Henry. They prefer Isabelle, returned to live with his father.

Some time later, the old man, dying, calls Isabelle and makes him understand, in his last words, that he has drafted a new will in his favor. Two farmers, witness this. But after the death of Indefer, this testament can not be found despite feverish research. It is therefore the penultimate testament which comes into force and which institutes heir cousin Henry. But Henry seems very uncomfortable …. Can not he, where is this testament hidden?

Anthony Trollope (London, April 24, 1815 – London, December 6, 1882) is one of the most famous British novelists of the Victorian era. Among Trollope’s writings are the Barsetshire Chronicles, which revolve around the imaginary County of Barsetshire, and novels on political, social, and sentimental topics, and also on the conflicts of his time. Alec Guinness, John Major, economist John Kenneth Galbraith, writers Sue Grafton and Harding Lemay can be counted among his admirers. (Wikipedia source.)

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