Ramuz Charles Ferdinand – persecuted Jean-Luc


Ramuz Charles Ferdinand – persecuted Jean-Luc: In a Valais village inhabited by peasants and artisans who all know each other, Jean-Luc Robille is married to Christine, they have a son, and life flows peacefully between field work and village meetings at the cafe or church. Until Jean-Luc discovers that his wife secretly sees his former lover Augustin. From that day, Jean-Luc leaves home and returns to his mother’s house; he returns a few months later to his wife, reliving a few moments of happiness in family, after forgiving her misconduct. A few weeks later Christine reoffends, he then hunts her permanently, cares lovingly for their son, but his life changes one day Mardi Gras: Jean-Luc sinks into alcoholism and madness, which will lead to suffering and terrifying atrocities. The first Valais novel of Ramuz, after several stays in Lens and Chandolin, he strikes by his psychological violence and the few moments of respite in this terrible destiny. It is a tragedy in the ancient way, Jean-Luc is “persecuted” as Christ was before dying on the cross, but he will die in the fire of hell …
Sold By: Steven Kendy PIERRE