Lenotre G. – Strange stories that happened


Lenotre G. – Strange stories that arrived: A young nobleman disappeared, walled alive in his castle and found years later by a Viscount also disappeared in this castle but found thanks to a cat; the terrifying Beast of Gevaudan, that wolf-monster who, in the time of Louis XV, devoured hundreds of children and adults in a savage way; The three Persians in need, who, hearing of the generosity of France and a Frenchman in particular, undertake the journey on foot from their native Iran to find their generous French … and they fall on him miraculously, quickly after being finally arrived safely after many adventures; Knight of Tocnaye, Breton inventor of the journey on foot, “very modern concept of walking without means but with resourcefulness” which crosses Scotland, Ireland and Scandinavia; and also this young Gaspard found dead, “a stranger killed by a stranger,” could he be the missing son of the grand duchess of Beauharnais, adopted daughter of Napoleon? Would it have been stolen from birth to make it disappear in favor of a younger branch of the family?

All these “stories that have arrived”, and others, may seem unlikely, but they are told with a passion, a passion and a zest of humor, which will keep you going and entertain you pleasantly. All these stories are true … or so.

G. Lenotre, whose real name is Louis Léon Théodore Gosselin, is an excellent connoisseur of the Great Admiral’s History of the Old Regime, an inveterate archive excavator, a lover of perfect detail, who prefers to dwell on secondary characters Of the history. Born in 1855, great-grand-nephew of the gardener of Louis XIV, he was decorated with the Legion of Honor and elected Academician and he died shortly thereafter in 1935, without having even been able to deliver his induction speech.

Sold By: Steven Kendy PIERRE