Lenotre G. – Christmas legends


Lenotre G. – Christmas legends (historical tales): Children, adults, peasants, chimneysweepers, soldiers, Emperor – these are some of the heroes of these 14 historical tales full of charm and delicacy, tales that transport us in memories of evenings, when outside the night is cold that the hearth crackles and that the air is embalmed by applesauce or chestnuts …

Rightly considered as the “Pope of Little History”, G. Lenotre, whose real name is Louis Léon Théodore Gosselin, is an excellent connoisseur of the Great History, a declared admirer of the Ancien Régime, an inveterate archive researcher , a lover of detail, who prefers to dwell on the secondary characters of History. Born in 1855, great-grand-nephew of the gardener of Louis XIV, he was decorated with the Legion of Honor and elected Academician, but he died soon after in 1935, without having even been able to deliver his induction speech.

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