Gotthelf Jérémias – Uli le Fermier (1ère partie)


Gotthelf Jeremias – Uli the Farmer (1st part): After being valet then master valet at the Glungge estate, at his boss Joggeli, Uli is now responsible for the farm train. He must therefore manage the livestock, the harvests, the organization of work according to the seasons, the commitment of laborers, servants, ensure performance. This learning is not done without difficulty. Old Joggeli’s moods are mingled with the jealousy of his two sons with regard to Uli, who does his best to pay his dues every year. Fortunately, Fréneli, Uli’s wife who grew up in the Glungge, knows how to round off the angles, soften the grumpy and watch over the domestic resources. The years go by, but are not alike, and Uli is “a farmer” and not a farmer …

Gotthelf Jeremias: Pastor Albert Bitzius (1797 – 1854) who wrote a series of novels under this pseudonym is attached to his Bernese countryside terroir which he sometimes uses local language. Conservative, it highlights the peasant world, morality, religion and refuses modernity or capitalism. The realism of his descriptions makes us discover – and relive with his characters – the rural sociality of the time. A wealth of information for the historian or the ethnologist and, what does not spoil anything, a narrator of consummate art that keeps his reader in suspense.

Sold By: Steven Kendy PIERRE