Erckmann-Chatrian – Popular Tales


Erckmann-Chatrian – Popular Tales: When the supernatural mixes with our business, it is not easy to get rid of it. Such could be the thread of these tales that take us through the villages and countryside of Alsace of the nineteenth century, tales that come from the same collection as Le Bourgmestre en Bouteille. The dream of Aloïus whose heart speaks more freely of the depths of a dream. The invisible eye or the inn of the three hanged: what bad game does Old Fledermausse play when a man spends the night at the Auberge du Boeuf Grasse? Comet gets too close to the earth one carnival night, will it hit the ground? Citizen Schneider: a priest is rescued in extremis during a winter storm, what will he do with his life afterwards? The Raven’s Requiem: Is Hans with Black Feathers a Reincarnation of the Devil? The Polish Jew: Can a doorbell kill a man? How the Bohemians of Alsace under the Revolution escaped the guillotine? Messire Tempus: what does the beautiful Charlotte do with a one-eyed man, a lame man and a hunchback? The song of the ton: the miracle of wine that makes men sing. Can Uncle Bernard’s shell detect bad actions? Can the black braid turn into a snake?

Sold By: Steven Kendy PIERRE