Dronsart Marie – The Great travelers (part 1)


Dronsart Marie – Les grands Voyageuses (part 1): This anthology dating back to 1894 brings together the stories of different travelers, who traveled the world at a time when the habit was more for women to stay at home and her family. to take care of the family. Some have traveled as a couple, others alone, some have lived a life relatively framed scientific research, others have been crazy adventurers; they come from France, Italy, Spain, Austria, Holland, they have often kept a diary of their travels and their archaeological and ethnographic discoveries and brought back many objects which enriched our museums. With Marie Dronsart (whose biography is not well known, except that she was a Stevenson translator, and died in 1901), go on an adventure in Mongolia, China, Ceylon, Caucasus, South America, Ethiopia, Persia and the whole world following these brave, intrepid, curious and often unknown women, who sometimes paid with their lives for their immoderate taste for discovery: Mrs. Odon des Odonnais, heroine more than a traveler in South America around 1750; Mrs Hommaire from Hell in the Caucasus, Crimea, Turkey; Miss d’Angeville at the top of Mont Blanc and the Oldenhorn at 69; Léonie d’Aunet in Spitsbergen with her husband, painter of the expedition; Lise Cristiani musician in Siberia; Madame de Bourboulon in Mongolia; the incredible Monja Alferez, a Spanish nun who ran away, disguised herself as a man and had some wild adventures in the 17C. around the world ; Ida Pfeiffer, Austrian woman who is waiting for her children to be raised and her aging husband to conquer the world; Carla Serena in Russia; Jane Dieulafoy in Persia with her husband archaeologist (to read also on the BNR); Cristina Belgiojoso with her daughter in Asia Minor … It is thanks to these knowledge-hungry women that the scientific world has learned a lot because their status as women has not dampened their enthusiasm but, on the contrary, stimulated them to overcome their condition and use their women’s advantage to be able to communicate with other women and observe, among other things, the daily life of all these countries from within a home, a family.

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