Christophe – The Fixed Idea of Savant Cosinus (4th part)


Christophe – The Fixed Idea of ​​Savant Cosinus (4th part):

This remarkable work is filled with new as well as philosophical insights. He is both instructive and moralistic. Informative because at every step the reader is invited to tread the borders of pure science and to extract a mass of practical and varied consequences, if it is possible to extract a consequence of a flat -gang! Moratorizer, because the many stays of our hero on the wet straw of the jails prove, until the evidence, that it is wise to have the greatest deference for the regulations in general and for those which are contradictory in particular . ”

In this fourth part, we attend the resurrection of Cosinus (to the disappointment of his cousin Fenouillard). Again he tries to travel but at his own risk. Finally he will visit the Paris sewers while Madame Bélazor, she … An idyll is on the way …

Sold By: Steven Kendy PIERRE