Sue Eugene – The Misery of the Founded Children (Volume 2)


Sue Eugène – The Miseries of the Founded Children (volume 2): In the troupe of acrobats of La Levrasse and Major, Martin and Bamboche meet Basquine – whom Bamboche has fallen in love with – and the man-fish, Léonidas Requin . Exploited and abused, the three children take revenge on their executioners and flee. But what can miners do alone in the countryside of France? After many adventures, Martin is taken in by Claude Gérard, a village teacher who leads, like all his colleagues, a miserable existence and teaches, with the animals, in a stable. For the notables and the church try, by all means, to prevent popular education. But Martin dreams of finding his childhood comrades …

“The Mysteries, as well as The Wandering Jew and The Misery of the Founded Children, are no strangers to the Revolution of 1848. Rising wages, women’s equality, co-management in the enterprise, the right to education and to culture, the abolition of slavery (Atar Gull) are the novelistic themes of Eugene Sue. Ponson du Terrail and Alexandre Dumas (The Mohicans of Paris, …) will take over from Sue by worrying less, by their content, the imperial power … “(Eugène Sue In Paris and Sologne,

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