Sue Eugene – Miss Mary or the teacher (volume 3)


Sue Eugene – Miss Mary or the teacher (volume 3) followed by A Drama of yesterday: Mary is determined to end her job! And her funded, Henry Douglas, came to France to bring her back to her family. But, denounced by Madame Pivolet, the steward of the estate and her sworn enemy, she was surprised by Madame de Morville during a night meeting face to face with Mr. de Morville. Will she succeed in justifying herself? And learning that his coming has pushed his student’s uncle to disinherit, and his brother, she can dislodge the ogre Botardière in his lair and convince him to give up his cruel determination?

In A Drama of Yesterday, an ambitious woman seeks the homage of those around her. Her husband does not support the situation and his health, like his art, are undermined by this unfaithful wife. How far will Madame Bergeval go and what prohibitions will she eventually break?

Sold By: Steven Kendy PIERRE