Sand George – Monsieur Rousset


Sand George – Monsieur Rousset: “… the clock was marking midnight … The Baroness, turning to see the cause of my surprise, let out a cry of fright …” You laugh at these things? M. Guigne, a comedian of a certain age, laughs no more. Because in his youth, in an isolated castle nestled in a small valley of Burgundy, he saw …

An essay on the fantasy of George Sand, a temptation as in the Story of a Dreamer that will find in this short story, an apparent narrative of simplicity that the author presents as a fragment of novel novel.

George Sand (pseudonym of Amantine Aurore Lucile Dupin, Baroness Dudevant, 1804-1876) was prolific writer (more than 70 novels and 50 various works). She defends women, advocates passion, castigates marriage and fights the prejudices of a conservative society. She is scandalized by her hectic love life, her masculine attire and her male pseudonym. Despite many detractors (including Charles Baudelaire) she actively contributes to the intellectual life of her time and is illustrated by a political commitment from 1848, inspiring Alexandre Ledru-Rollin, participant in the launch of three newspapers: The Cause of the People, The Bulletin of the Republic, the Scout.

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