Bernard Tristan – The Ghost Taxi


Bernard Tristan – The Ghost Taxi: The war, the first, has just ended. Guest, Jacques falls in love with Marie-Louise … who is not insensitive. But there ! his family would oppose an alliance with a young officer who professes anarchist speeches. Except that his father, renowned historian, is a candidate for the academy. If elected, everything would change … But the father has a worthy opponent, Pachol, the corrupt politician who will stop at nothing to collect votes. Now here is a series of inexplicable burglaries spreading across the province. Each time, a mysterious taxi is spotted in the vicinity. What are the goals of this ghost taxi and its occupants? How could Jacques be involved?

Follow-up of eight police and mystery news: Can a healer be more effective than the village doctor? To obtain a coveted position, should you pray or threaten? “Blues” that involve a known politician would they be fake? Three young murderers could they be victims, manipulated. What to do when you are isolated in the compartment of a wagon without a corridor with a murderer who operates in trains? Is philately recommended to a bank employee who has been robbed in American style?

Close to Leon Blum, Jules Renard, Lucien Guitry, Paul Gordeaux, Marcel Pagnol, and many others, famous for his play on words, his crosswords and his theater boulevard, writer-chronicler-sportsman-gastronome, Tristan Bernard was also a successful novelist writer. He contributes to the detective genre with his collection Amants et Voleurs (1905) and several other novels. Tristan Bernard will also reign over cycling, motoring, tourism. Arrested as a Jew in 1943 and interned in Drancy, he narrowly escaped deportation.

Sold By: Steven Kendy PIERRE
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