Sue Eugene – Miss Mary or the teacher (volume 1)


Sue Eugene – Miss Mary or the teacher (volume 1); In the post office of Calais, an 18-year-old girl is waiting for the diligence of Paris. His trip is likely to be hectic: four rowdy boys will travel and two young nobles have already bet he would succeed in seducing her before Paris. Finally an old man snarling and ridiculous decided that he would take the place of the girl. Finally, everything is arranged for the trip and the old grumpy costs the lazzis of young boys.

But for Mary, the girl, this respite, all temporary, only announces the difficulties ahead. Engaged as a teacher in a French family following the ruin of her parents, the young Irish girl will discover the precariousness of her situation: subject to the benevolence of her student’s parents, to gossiping, envy or desires that wake up her beauty. Without wanting it, she will not miss enemies. Will her qualities and her intelligence be enough to draw her from the traps that await her? And will his fiancé, a young officer retained in the Indies, still want her?

Sold By: Steven Kendy PIERRE