Malot Hector – Arthur’s Legacy


Malot Hector – The Legacy of Arthur: The first part of the novel, “The Girl of the Actress”, ended with the departure of the Marquis Arthur of Rudemont and Clemence Beaujonnier, the teacher became his mistress.

“Arthur’s Legacy” begins when the castle is inhabited only by Arthur’s uncle and aunt, as well as servants. To achieve his ends (namely to inherit the fortune of the marquis), Clemence began by having a convent shut up, Denise, Arthur’s natural daughter and presumed heiress. Then she takes Arthur for a few years in England and Italy, before bringing him back to the castle, while he is greatly diminished after a heart attack. She tries by all means to prevent Arthur’s family from approaching him, to keep alone the total influence that it has on him. Louis Mérault, Arthur’s nephew, in love with Denise, tries to dismiss the intriguing, but to no avail. Will she manage to get her hands on the inheritance? Can Louis and Denise get married? will the Marquis de Rudemont survive all these deceptions?

This veritable “novel-feuilleton” is masterfully led by Hector Malot, who stigmatizes the passage of human duplicity, especially that of notables and clerics, ready for all conspiracies to safeguard their interests.

Sold By: Steven Kendy PIERRE