Doyle Arthur Conan – My Adventurous Life


Doyle Arthur Conan – My Adventurous Life: Who does Sherlock Holmes know? But who was Conan Doyle, its author? What was his life? Where is he from ?

The second child of ten siblings, he was born in Edinburgh in a poor Catholic family. After studying medicine but without money to open a practice, he joined a doctor on a whaler and then on a ship connecting South Africa to England. Then he established his practice by resigning himself to a narrow life. It is only gradually that the success will come … Without fard and without complacency, Arthur Conan Doyle takes us from England to Berlin then in Switzerland, in Egypt and finally in a hospital of campaign during the war of the Boers.

“Arthur Conan Doyle does more than just tell himself. He gives himself up, and slips into his book some important confidences: he asserts, for example, “to believe that Holmes’s stories have harmed the best part of his work and that without them he would have occupied a higher place in the letters. All this makes “My adventurous life” a rich and abundant book, an exciting book. (Gill, Babelio)

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