Wells H. G. – The Invisible Man


Wells H. G. – The invisible man: A village on the moor, winter … A man strangely accoutred, gloved, masked, with thick glasses, moved to the hotel. His chemical experiments, his manners and his habit of secrecy, make Mrs. Hall, her landlady, very suspicious. If, in addition, it does not pay off! A burglary then strange events are not long in coming, as the suspicions of the villagers increase.

… An inventor, overwhelmed by the consequences of his discovery, which is gradually falling into madness. A book that is no longer presented and was one of the most famous of H. G. Wells whose work has arrived this year in the public domain in Europe. Humor, invention … a masterpiece of fantasy, whose theme is at the origin of fifteen films and many television series.

HG Wells, (1866-1946) is an English writer whose science-fiction novels have been hugely successful (The War of the Worlds (published by the BNR), The Time Machine, The Island of Dr. Moreau) but who also published “novels of social satire, works of prospective, political and social reflections as well as popular works relating to biology, history as well as social issues.

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