Vance Louis-Joseph – The Lone Wolf


Vance Louis-Joseph – The Lone Wolf: Who is Marcel, become Michael but especially “The Lone Wolf”? A brilliant man, a chameleon who is quick to change his skin and place, as flexible as a feline, discreet, efficient and leaving nothing to chance. We immediately think of Arsène Lupine and we delight in his prowess not always very legal but so thrilling. This is the Pack, a powerful syndicate of criminals is interested in him … A ruthless and uncompromising rally committed. Will there be a winner? It is followed with delight in what is at once a hunt and a game of the cat and the mouse; until the end he seems to win, then lose or … and let himself be charmed with him by the one who will finally win everything, the only one that will open the heart of Michael Lanyard and transform it for his greatest happiness. Smart as a monkey said, here is a short cut that befits this character. And to maintain the suspense, the ultimate moment will be the only occasion for him to be surprised and us, to see him thus taken to his own game!

Lightness, intrigue, reversal of situations, here is a novel that keeps his reader in suspense from beginning to end and captivates by the vivacity of his language!

Sold By: Steven Kendy PIERRE