Sue Eugène – The Misery of the Founded Children (Volume 3)


Sue Eugène – The Miseries of the Founded Children (volume 3) (Other title: Martin the foundling, or the memories of a valet): Thanks to Claude Gerard, Martin found a place of secretary in Paris. But, in Paris, everything goes wrong! Desperate, and without work in a Paris where, in winter, the places are rare, Martin will he resolve to combine? If not, what else? the death ?

Finally he will find Bamboche and Basquine not without difficulties. He will also see Regina, the love of his youth. But will it be able to prevent the dangers that threaten it?

“The Mysteries, as well as The Wandering Jew and The Misery of the Founded Children, are no strangers to the Revolution of 1848. Rising wages, women’s equality, co-management in the enterprise, the right to education and to culture, the abolition of slavery (Atar Gull) are the novelistic themes of Eugene Sue. Ponson du Terrail and Alexandre Dumas (The Mohicans of Paris, …) will take over from Sue by worrying less, by their content, the imperial power … “(Eugène Sue In Paris and Sologne,

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