Sue Eugène – The Devil doctor, Adèle Verneuil


Sue Eugène – The Devil Doctor, Adèle Verneuil: Max, the “devil-doctor”, sixty, operates extraordinary cures. He himself prepares his poisons, sometimes in the ordinary pharmacopoeia, but often with homeopathy, some of whose mysterious effects seem to affect the prodigy. The quasi-occult power of his remedies, his solitary and eccentric existence, his striking physiognomy, the magnetic action of his glance, his prodigious healings, his knowledge of intimate secrets have earned him his fame. He gratifies a friendly smile to people who are friendly to him, but the same smile can be sardonic cruelty to people he considers unworthy of his esteem. He knows how to be cruel, caustic or slyly scoffing. In the Verneuil family, the young Emma discovers the adultery of her father. This man, so believing and perfect, reacts by accusing his wife, Adele, of being, herself, adulterous. He gets the divorce to his fault. She is then considered a “lost woman” … What will be the miraculous treatment of the devil-doctor?
Sold By: Steven Kendy PIERRE