Sue Eugene – Miss Mary or the teacher (volume 2)


Sue Eugene – Miss Mary or the teacher (volume 2): Is everything ok in the world of Miss Mary? Her gifts of recognized teacher, appreciated by the parents of her pupil, she enjoys the affection of Amandine. But Madame Pivolet, the governess, continues her work of undermining and, with the rest of the staff, makes him suffer a thousand vexations hidden, a thousand “pinpricks”.

Not to mention that his beauty and his kindness, seduce – much too much for his taste – Mr. de Morville, the father, Gérard, the brother, and Théodore de Favrolle, the fiancé of Amandine. His situation becomes untenable … but his parents need the financial help that their salary brings them. And his fiancé, Henri Douglas, is still mobilized in India. Besides, despite his assurances will he still want her?

Sold By: Steven Kendy PIERRE