Stevenson Robert Louis – The Reflux


Stevenson Robert Louis – Reflux: Tahiti and its beaches! The decor of the novel is beautiful. But the “islands” is also misery and human shipwrecks, rejected by the wave, the last episode of a life and its mistakes.

Herrick, Captain John Davis and Huish, vegetate pending a reversal of situation … reversal hypothetical because they are at the end of the roll: one has sank his ship, the second could not resolve to embrace a career in accordance with family pattern; as for the third, full of mysteries and sufficiency, he follows the flock without departing from his harsh remarks. Everyone hates the other two, but can not bring himself to make it alone.

Then comes an opportunity to escape from this heavenly hell: a ship filled with a cargo of champagne seeking captain and seconds. Here they are … at the command of a canaque crew uninjured but traumatized by an epidemic of typhus that decimated their predecessors. The captain quickly falls back and Herrick sinks into a meltdown at the sinking of his own life. Only Huish resists and gradually takes the psychological control of this incredible situation.

In full rout, a plan – or rather a combination – scaffolded by the captain seems the only way out … The appearance of a tiny island puts everything in question. The island is calm … too calm … Mysterious island, as much as the one that seems to direct it; here again the disease has done its work … The epilogue is tragic, betrayals are expensive on this island forgotten cartographers. Remains to live caring for cowardice and hoping for some redemption.

Sold By: Steven Kendy PIERRE