Sand George – The Piccinino


Sand George – Piccinino: Do ​​you know Piccinino? Son of a famous Sicilian brigand, he hides his real name under this diminutive and, under the appearance of a peaceful inhabitant of a small mountain village, he terrorizes Sicily with a formidable band.

But before meeting him, you will meet Michel-Angelo, who has ended his artistic studies to work with his father, Pier-Angelo, a painter. He finds himself in a delicate situation as the past of his father resurfaces. For what reasons did his father have to flee in his youth? Will Michel manage to dispel the mists and mysteries that surround him? And will his sister Mila be able to face the dangers in which she finds herself trained? Finally, what role does the beautiful princess Agathe play in giving up her retired life in a palace half abandoned to give a sumptuous party? Can his charitable works explain this change? The romantic twists are not going to miss …

“The Piccinino is a novel of fantasy,” writes George Sand in his preamble, “which has no claim to paint a precise historical epoch, nor to accurately describe a country. It is a study of color, dreamed rather than felt, and where only a few features have been found just as by chance. The scene of this novel could be placed everywhere else, under the sky of the south of Europe … “. A story full of fascinating family secrets from one end to the other, pleasant to read thanks to the incomparable style of George Sand, very comfortable with “his brigand” and Sicily that she had never yet visited .

Sold By: Steven Kendy PIERRE