Rousseau Jean-Jacques – Émile or From Education Books I and II


Rousseau Jean-Jacques – Emile or Education books I and II: We will not present Emile or Education which is still, according to Wikipedia, one of the most widely read and popular books on education. Admittedly, written in 1762, many advances in the pedagogy, psychology or physiology of the child are ignored. Certainly, the limits of Jean-Jacques Rousseau are perceptible. But we want to emphasize the astonishing intuitions and its revolutionary aspect in his time, which earned him, besides, many well-meaning critics. Let us also recall his profound influence on the development of the pedagogy of which we are, even today, the heirs. Books I and II, presented here, deal with the development and upbringing of children up to about twelve years of age.

Sold By: Steven Kendy PIERRE