Rosny elder J.-H. – The Death of the Earth Tales


Rosny elder J.-H. – The Death of the Earth Tales: In the distant future, the “radioactive” era destroyed the earth. After having proliferated, humans survive only in rare oases in the middle of an immense uninhabitable desert: “The planet allowed man to prosper: his reign was the most ferocious, the most powerful (…) He was the prodigious destroyer of life. The forests died and their hosts without number, every beast was exterminated or debased. And there was a time when subtle energies and dark minerals seemed themselves slaves; the conqueror caught the mysterious force that assembled the atoms. “But Targ likes Erre. Its vigor contrasts with the apathy of the surviving humans who surrender to the inevitable fatality of their extinction. “A hundred-year-old alarm signal whose ideas are more relevant than ever …” The shadow of decadence had long preceded disasters. (…) many scholars predict (…) but what effect could these predictions have on people who saw glaciers cover their mountains, rivers without numbers water their sites, huge seas beat their continents? “” (Madspirit, 05.08. 2016, Babelio) Followed by thirty stories – fantastic tales or tales of ordinary life – in which Rosny elder tells us atrocities such as sacrifices, recognition as ambition, Machiavellianism as innocence whose heroes remain deeply humans.

Sold By: Steven Kendy PIERRE